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So busyyyyyyyyyy

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Aug. 4th, 2008 | 01:39 am

I've been pretty busy to not blog...and even when I am hyped up to, I soon forget, because of something that appears yet again. So far I'm going to be tackling some web graphic design projects (paid), which I can't mention, because it's "top secret". Then hopefully to co-sell with Kenny with t-shirts alongside with Howard.

I've been jotting and sketching ideas of designs...and I really need to get a move on the website and creating products. There's also work at Web2Zone from Monday through Wednesday morning shifts. I might be hosting a tournament for Halo 3, but that's still iffy as well. I've been set to do counter work and now creating graphics for Web2Zone, which is a huuugeee plus. Some more stuff to add to my growing portfolio.

Howard and I have been working hard to get Bunnie into her new large cage...but we have to first tackle all the problems with the new cage. We need a pee guard that would protect her pee from coming out of the cage...and also since there is a large sliding tray...we came up with the idea of using cat litter.  I never knew cat litter was so cool. It would soak in piss or poop...and keep it clumped so you can take it out and refill it. That's really efficient.

I'm also going to have 2 phones by Aug 31 or even earlier. I would still have my old phone number with Verizon and a T-Mobile phone that'd have unlimited texting, etc. This way I can't go over my minutes with my Verizon family plan. I'll use my T-mobile strictly for texting and talking to pple who have the t-mobile to t-mobile feature.

I'm also hopefully going to get my DSLR soon. =] I want to take fabulous model photos and artistic photos as well. I don't think normal cameras can do it anymore. It's fine to point and shoot for everyday fun-ness. But what about doing business...like selling t-shirts....? I'm sure it's time to step up the plate.

One things for sure in life, everything costs money. It's quite hard to keep a lifestyle being a struggling artist. But with enough hope and faith. I'm sure things will soon change.

I'm going to be changing my blog, so stay tuned and hopefully you'll all revert to the new one. It'll have to do more about creating t-shirts and also about myself. It's more like a self promotion kind of thing...like how Tila Tequila...Leah Dizon got famous...along side with more video blogs on youtube.

Wish me luck! <3

By the way, meeting new people sometimes means breaking many hearts. How do people crush on people so easily?

MEOW MEOW!!!!!! ;D

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From: stevenli
Date: Aug. 4th, 2008 05:04 pm (UTC)

Is it seriously called a pee guard?

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From: anonymous
Date: Aug. 4th, 2008 07:18 pm (UTC)

A1Y0, lol, gonna be like a pimp, wit 2 phones, one for family and friends, and the other to text yo hoes wer to go next and ask for the money!

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