Reverberations of my thoughts...

I'm finding my way.

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Ahhh...theres nothing much you need to know. Hopefully I'm out going and easy to get along with. I try to be the best possible. I'm honest up to a certain point. There is something tricky about being honest at times, if it comes to little kids drawing, do you expect them to draw with precision? No. I'd tell them it looks beautiful, because simply, they have no concept of how society sees what is perfect and what is accepted. I love animals....I simply do (excpet for scary crawly creepy ones)! =] I j'adore my daughter...nya which is a mini lop bunny, which is grey/white/brown at some places...about 1 years old. ^____^ I simply wuvvles my howard. Also LOVE my friends of course. Basically, I guess that's me. I simply cannot live without music.
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